Custom Signs

Denver Sign and Banner offers UNBEATABLE speed to print for signage in the Denver area.  Signs can come in many shapes and sizes.  We offer a full array of product options and installation methodology.

Custom sign for Black Bear Construction in Denver, Colorado

Common custom sign types are as follows:

Lightbox Signs, usually on acrylic or Lexan
Coroplast signs
Aluminum signs
Temporary signs
Handicap access signs
Parking signs

Most our custom sign clients have a few questions that we would like to address right away.

What types of materials or substrates can you print my custom sign on?

We have many options of substrates for your custom sign. We can print direct to substrate (single step process) onto aluminum, wood, boards, coroplast and other substrates not more than 37lbs per sheet or 1/2 inch thick. This gives us lots of options for your sign project.

What are average turn around times to get my sign printed?

Regular turn around is 72 hours on most signs. When we give you the quote we will tell you if you have an extended delivery time due to special aspects of your custom sign order.

Do you offer rush printing on custom signs?

We do offer rush printing on custom signs and other print work. Given the time-sensitive nature of the orders, it is best to call us ASAP to discuss details on the order and fulfillment: (720) 909-3535

Do you deliver custom signs in the Denver area?

We do offer delivery for most signs. Extra delivery fees do apply.

Can you install my custom sign?

We offer installation for custom signs in the Denver Metro area. While we are not licensed electricians, we work with licensed electricians should you need help for a lighted or otherwise electrically powered custom sign.

How do we ensure we are getting the right sign printed?

If you are unsure about your sign project, we may ask you to take photographs or we may need to visit the site in person. Please call us today to get advice on what might be your best way to ensure your sign is exactly what you need before you approve the print.

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Tips on Designing your next Sign

Your sign or banner will play a major role in directing customers to your storefront or warehouse. This crucial piece of advertising can often go overlooked or not giving the proper amount of attention. Budgets can shrink the size as well as change the material and time frame for installation. When its time to update your current signage or get the process started on your first sign there are several factors to consider when designing your next sign or banner display.

Budget: The most important part of the process is setting a budget and sticking to it. There are several ways to come up with the amount you should spend but know one knows your business better than you. Consider the amount of traffic your storefront receives, day drivers that pass by, customer input, branding and your online map.

Dimensions: Having proper dimensions ready for your graphic designer will save you precious time and money. There is not a single more important thing to the graphic designer than the size of the artwork they are working with. The slightest inaccuracy can mean hours of corrections and with such large files the time it takes could mean big upcharges in your design costs. Measure twice, design and print once. For the most accurate measurements hire a sign installation team to measure and make recommendations, often a sign shop will perform these tasks as part of the bid process. If you later choose to use a different shop at least you know the dimensions were gathered by a professional.

Hire a designer: I cannot stress this enough….if you are not a professional graphic designer, do not waste your time trying to design your sign yourself. You probably don’t have the proper software and technical knowledge to design a sign that is print ready, these programs can cost upwards of 4 – 5,000 a year and the skill to design a proper sign cannot be achieved by watching videos on YouTube. You wouldn’t hire a hairdresser to fix your plumbing so don’t waste your time hiring your friend who says they have design software and will do the design from home. Resist the urge to save a little cash by taking advantage of those buddy discounts and hire a professional.

Font or Image: Depending on the size of your available sign space and the rules that apply to your building your next design decision is what should the sign say. For some companies the type of services is more important than the name of the company itself. In this instance a font based sign that clearly says what the customer can expect is the obvious choice. For others the brand or logo could be the ideal choice especially when there is a multiple locations or other marketing efforts are driving a considerable amount of traffic to the location.

Full Color or Single Color: Large single color signs that have text based messages demand attention. Signs like “Used Cars” “Car Wash” “Ski Rental” are great examples of simple single color signs that send a clear message and drive targeted traffic. Although these simple messages can be said in a single color, when you add full color you open the door to a whole new segment of people who may have seen your single color sign as a symbol of a dated brand.

The professional sign design and installation team at the Denver print company would be happy to quote your next sign project. Give us a call today (720) 909-3535