Lexan Signs And Signage

Lexan Polycarbonate is one of the most widely known “plastics” and is a high strength, durable, synthectic material widely used in Business Display Signs. Lexan Signs can be lit up with light boxes during night time hours to bring attention to your business, for 24/7 promotional value. Lexan comes in many different color designs, thickness, shapes and sizes and can be customized for each individual customers request. Lexan is one the most popular materails for Promotional Signs.

At Denver Lexan Printing a wide range of print types, styles, and innovative technological methods of reaching the customers desired request. We have state of the art Machinery, and top of the line materials to acheive a high quality results. Please contact us today for a quote on a today!
Denver Lexan display signs durable multi colored signs
Clear Lexan sign material denver promotional banners

We recycle Lexan Material please contact us at (720) 909-3535 or email info@denverbannerprinting.com.

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