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Here at Denver Magnet Printing we also specialize in car magnets and refrigerator magnets. Both are essential marketing tools for a small or large business, self promotion, and carrying a brand name or logo everywhere you go during your business and daily adventures. We can print these magnets in various sizes, larger for car and truck logo magnets great for use to showcase your business on your vehicle everywhere you go, the promotional value of vehicle display magnets are indisputable. Our refrigerator magnets come in standard sizes such as 2″ X 3.5 “, 3″ X 4″, 3.5″ x 4″, 4” x 6, and Custom Sizes available upon request. Our Multi Color Custom Vehicle Magnets come in various styles and designs, and are very durable designed especially for out door use. Perfect for turning your vehicle into a mobile billboard grabbing the attention of hundreds of potential new customers. Here at Denver Vehicle Magnet Printing we strive to satisfy our customers requests for full color customized marketing tools. Magnets Come in Various Sizes Standard Fridge and Promotional Magnets are .012 .015 and .030.

Standard Vehicle Magnet Sizes

12″ X 18″| 12″ X 24 | 12″ X 36″ |
18″ X 24″| 18″ X 36″| 18 X 48″ |
24″ X 24″| 24″ X 36″| 24″ X 48″ |


Car magnet designs in Denver, Colorado

Custom vehicle magnet designs in Denver, Colorado

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