Vinyl Mounting

Here At Denver Banner Printing we offer various installation services one of which is mounting and or applying. this is the process of applying (mounting) an Adhesive Vinyl Print and or Laminate of some sort to a material of choice.

Some common materals we mount on are:
Denver Banner Printing Common Materials To Mount on

* Coroplast
* Gator Foam
* Foam Core
* Die Bond
* Lexan
* Particle Board
* Aluminum Panel
* Acrylic
* Glass
* Sintra
* PolyStyrene
* PVC Various


Mounting is available on most 3/16″ – 1/2″ materials out there


Lamination can be applied in various thicknesses depending on the application. Lamination is Available in different finishes
1- Glossy
2- Luster
3- Matte
all of our laminates are a UV Protectant. Laminations can be done to preserve your prints against damage, scratches, & Color Fading

Here at Denver Signs & Printing Mounting and Laminating is a daily task. We Produce high quality products for our consumers. We work hard to provide our customers with only the best presentation of print & Mount.

We stock 4mil Coroplast, 3/16″ Foam Core, 1/2″ Gator Board, 1/4″ Aluminum Composite & 1/8″ Sintra.

Denver Banner Printing Royal Sovereign Cold Lamination and Mounting Different Thickness Boards to Mount on Coroplast Mounting Denver Sign Mounting Products Materials To Mount On Foam Core Coroplast PVC Syreine
Our 55” Royal Sovereign ColdLaminator RSC-1401C 55″ Mounting is available on most materials sized 3/16″ – 5/8″ Different Materials to Mount & laminate to. Black PVC, Foam Core, CoroPlast,

Additional Services

We can apply Velcro strips, hangers, edge framing, grommets, and corrugated corners


Your order will be professionally packaged to protect your valuable prints from being damaged in transit.

Denver Taste of Colorado mounted coroplast denver banner
Printed Vinyl Gloss Sticker Mounted Onto
Coroplast No Laminate on these.
Denver large check mounted foamcore Denver banner
Printed gloss calendar Vinyl and Mounted onto Foam Core
with a Clear Gloss Laminate on top for protection
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