Banner Installation

Have your banner professionally installed by Denver’s premier banner installation team Denver sign and banner. Some might believe that hanging a banner is as simple as using a few zip ties or a couple nails. And that can be true for a quick fix, used for a single day event, trade show, concert or conference. But when using banners outside of your business, consider having the banner professionally installed into place. When you have your banner professionally mounted it can add as much as a year to the life of the material. For added protection in high wind areas or when there is nothing behind the banner, we recommend having wind slits added to the banner. Wind slits allow gusts of wind to pass freely through the banner and relieve any flapping or strain on the material. Our professional team highly recommends adding wind slits to your next outdoor banner if you are worried about the wind or want to add additional protection.

Consult with our installation team if you are not sure what type of material you should choose for your outdoor banner. Denver sign and banner has several sturdy outdoor vinyl materials to choose from.

16oz heavy gloss vinyl
16oz vinyl mesh (great for high wind outdoor use)
10pt coroplast plastic board (yard sign small building sign)

When choosing the location for the banner installation look for high visibility areas that are also exposed to the largest amounts of traffic. Your banner needs to be exposed to as many potential customers as possible to generate maximum ROI. Depending on the road, city and population the average banner placed on the outside of a business will be seen by roughly 60% of the residents living within a 5 mile radius of the store. If you group your outdoor marketing with other forms of advertising you can drive those numbers up. Make sure your next banner is placed in the perfect spot and installed by a trusted denver sign shop. Our professional install team will gladly do a site survey prior to installing, you can even schedule a free consultation to take place at your convenience. Call us today to schedule a site survey or to get pricing on your next banner installation.


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